coach Lim Hyeon-ji, who debuted as a leader for generations

 Coach Lim Hyun-ji made his debut as a leader following in his father’s footsteps.

Sookmyung Girls’ High School defeated Onyang Girls’ High School by 40 points (65-105) on the first day of the girls’ high school preliminaries for the 48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship held at Sportium National Sports Center in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do on the 8th. Sookmyung Girls’ High School appointed Coach Lim Hyun-ji as the new head coach ahead of this season, in the position that became vacant when coach Bang Ji-yoon, who had been leading the team, moved to Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School.

The daughter of head coach Lim Jung-myeong (former Korea University), Coach Lim has followed her father’s footsteps as a player and coach. After graduating from Sookmyung Girls’ High School, coach Lim Hyun-ji, who played at Kumho Life Insurance (now BNK), worked as a manager and power analyst at KEB Hana Bank (now Hana One Q) and Shinhan Bank카지노.

“I was teaching (her kids) as an after-school instructor,” she said. She had been talked about with her leader before. Since her father was a leader, he knew the hardships, so he was honestly scared, and he avoided (the job of a leader) thinking that he would be able to take responsibility (for the players). Still, he kept offering me, so I thought that I wanted to experience that kind of experience at least once, so he applied.”

Coach Lim, who took her first steps as a leader, said she received a lot of help from her father, who walked the path first.

“When I was a player, my father was an incumbent coach. So he didn’t come to watch my game. However, (I) must have been worried when I heard that I was a coach. Even during our first practice match, they came to see us and were very active (laughs). This position is a heavy position, so he tries to give advice and help a lot.” In the words of coach Lim Hyun-ji.

Continuing, “The basics are important, and my father said the same thing. These days, we encounter a lot of skills, but in order to use a skill, we need to become a basic skill in order to acquire it or use it broadly. So he said that it would be good to teach the skills after polishing the basics. It is memorable because it is in line with my thoughts

“It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t nervous. The preparation period is so short that I am worried and my mind is complicated. I have more thoughts about how to show what I have prepared so far. I don’t know now, but I think I’ll be nervous when it’s time to get on the court and play the jump ball.”

He also shared a conversation with the players, saying, “I also told the players, ‘It’s my first time on the bench, so I can lose my mind, so please talk to me whenever that happens.’”

Coach Lim, who started his career as a leader at his alma mater and a prestigious team, said, “It seems that players these days have a strong tendency to attack. However, for a long run, defense must be basic. So I hope there will be more altruistic players based on defense rather than offense,” he said. It may be difficult now, but he emphasizes that you should get used to the movement. We are setting the direction of the map so that we can play actively according to the situation.”

Coach Lim Hyun-ji is getting married soon, so he is busier than ever.

He said, “At first, I was worried about whether I would be able to balance marriage and leadership. The prospective groom is also a player, so he understands well. So he’s doing more wedding preparations than me. Thanks to that, I’m out of my mind, but the preparations are going well.” He did not forget to thank the prospective groom.

Sookmyung Girls’ High School, along with Supia Girls’ High School, Bundang Business High School, and Onyang Girls’ High School, were placed in Group B, which is called the group of death. All three teams boast solid power enough to win in the spring league match.

Coach Lim, who will face these teams, said, “The goal in front of us among the strong teams is to advance to the finals first, and the goal of the tournament is to win.”

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