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Chun Ha-ram to Kim Nam-guk, who caught a highway rest stop, “interest at the level of a presidential candidate, that much negative for democracy”

Regarding the fact that the every move of Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who voluntarily left the Democratic Party due to the controversy over possession of a large amount of virtual assets, is becoming a concern, the People’s Power of Cheon Ha-ram, Jeonnam Suncheon-gap, the chairman of the party council, said, “It is very negative for the Democratic Party.” Chairman Cheon, who appeared on CBS Radio Kim Hyun-jung’s news show on the 19th, said먹튀검증, “The fact that there are even articles about politicians going to rest areas means that public interest is at its peak” in relation to the previous day (18th) when Congressman Kim was captured at a rest area in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province

. said like this In addition, he said, “There are no articles about the presidential candidates,” he said. Chairman Cheon said, “The negative interest in the Democratic Party is that high.” However, in response to the claim for expulsion from a member of the political circle, he said, “I think it is premature to talk like this, that we must be expelled unconditionally at this stage.”

Cheon Ha-ram Sun Chun-gap, chairman of the party committee. newsis

Chairman Chun said, “If you received any lobby from P2E ( Play to Earn · Making money with games) or coin companies, or if you received prior information on bribery, you should of course be expelled.” He pointed out, “Is it possible to be expelled from the position of a member of parliament just by doing a coin transaction?” He then emphasized, “The first step is to conduct a proper investigation to find out the clear facts.”

The previous day (18th), Bae Seung-hee, a conservative lawyer, posted a picture of Rep. Kim Nam-guk taking a break at a rest area in Gapyeong, saying, “I received a tip,” on his YouTube channel. Rep. Kim was wearing a comfortable mountaineering suit, and the person who appeared to be an assistant opened the trunk and was talking while organizing something. The whereabouts of Congressman Kim are not known, but it is speculated that he left Seoul to cool his head for a while.

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