China, come on…bashing celebrities between Blackpink concerts

Chinese celebrities who attended a Blackpink concert have been criticized by Chinese social media users.

According to the industry on the 24th, BLACKPINK held a world tour in Macau, China on the 20th and 21st.

Angela Baby, a well-known BLACKPINK fan, attended the concert in Macau following the concert in Hong Kong in January. However, some Chinese netizens with hateful sentiments showered her with abuse. They have created and distributed so-called “black lists” and have focused their efforts on identifying celebrities who attended the concert메이저사이트. They have also threatened to boycott the works of these artists.

With the recent deterioration of relations between China and South Korea over the Taiwan issue, there is not only hatred in South Korea, but also concern about China’s “Hanhan law” (a ban on Hallyu content). In China, access to portals Daum and Naver has been blocked, and it was also reported that singer Jung Yong Hwa entered the country to participate in a Chinese entertainment program, but was suddenly informed that her appearance had been canceled and returned home.

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