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‘Busan round kick’ perpetrator appeals to the Supreme Court for 20 years in prison

A man who was sentenced to 20 years in prison i토토사이트n the appeals court of the so-called ‘Busan round kick’ case in which he attacked a woman in her 20s who was returning home from Busan last year for the purpose of raping her in the head was tried by the Supreme Court.

According to the legal community on the 19th, Mr. A (30s), the perpetrator of the Busan round kick case, appealed against the ruling of the appeals court. Previously, the appellate court sentenced Mr. A to 20 years in prison on the 12th, and Mr. A was able to file an appeal to the Busan High Court by this day.

The Busan High Prosecutor’s Office did not submit a separate appeal. An official from the Busan High Prosecutor’s Office explained, “This is because the changed indictment (attempted rape and murder) in the appeals court was recognized as guilty, and it is not possible to appeal due to unfair sentencing under the law.”

Mr. A is accused of following victim B (20s) returning home from the street in Jin-gu, Busan around 5:00 am on May 22 last year, kicking the back of the head hard in front of the building elevator, knocking him down, and stepping on his head to lose consciousness. In addition, Mr. A was accused of attempting to sexually assault the

victim B (female in her 20s) who had fallen down by moving her to a closed circuit ( CC ) TV blind spot and stripping off her clothes. Sentenced to 12 years.

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