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Building the SSG dynasty My luck is Romero-McCarty, the first impression is good!

First, Romero, who started live pitching on the 20th, threw a total of 29 pitches, including a fastball, slider, and two-seam, and recorded a maximum speed of 147km/h. McCarty threw a total of 24 pitches, including a 151km/h fastball, cutter, curveball, slider, and fork.메이저놀이터

Considering that there is still quite a bit of time left before the start of the season, both players seem to be picking up the pace smoothly. In the previous bullpen pitching, Romero and McCarty showed good pace by stepping steadily.

The satisfaction of the coaching staff was also great. Pitching coach Jo Ung-cheon, who watched the live pitching, said, “Both players are picking up the pace. Romero felt the power of a fastball coming from a high RBI, and the more camps he went through, the more he improved his condition.”

In particular, coach Cho Woong-cheon highly praised McCarty’s preparation, saying, “Mccarty built his body to the point where he could throw the ball right away, and both the fastball and breaking ball were close to perfect.”

Both players are left-handed pitchers with the ability to spread the ball in the early to mid-150km range if they improve their condition. In addition, given that he has a considerable ability and a remarkable career, he has enough ability to replace the outsiders of SSG last year if he adapts well.

The reason why their adaptation is important is that this year is the year SSG can establish a new dynasty, a test bed and a turning point. The reason why there are not many previous dynasties is that it was not easy to maintain the power of the defending champion for a long time.

If SSG, which showed a strong performance last year with the ‘Wire-to-Wire Championship’ and the combined championship, lifts the championship trophy again this year, it is worthy of evaluation that a new dynasty has been established. If that happens, SSG will rewrite a new history following the previous franchise ‘SK Dynasty’.

This year’s championship challenge is just as meaningful, and the adaptation of foreign players, who can be said to be 50% of the starting mound’s power, is more important. Also, SSG has more than six strong starters this season, including Romero and McCarty. If you can build the best starting mound in the league with native ace Kim Gwang-hyun and foreign pitchers as the axis, the chances of winning the pennant race can naturally increase.

Romero, who finished his first live pitching, said, “I checked the overall pitch through live pitching. During today’s pitching, the movement of the two-seam was the most satisfactory, and I pitched with care about the low-course control to induce the ground ball. I will make a perfect physical condition through the remaining Cheongbaekjeon and practice matches.”

McCarty said, “The most important thing in my first live pitching was to check my physical condition. My body felt good when pitching, and both the fastball and the breaking ball were pitched as I thought. All preparations for the upcoming practice game have been completed.”

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