Breastfeeding while preparing for the game… ‘Queen of Judo’ won the championship with her 11-month-old daughter

31-year-old Togolese Agvenenou, 6th World Championships 63kg class overall winner

Clarisse Agvenenou (31) of France won her 5th gold medal in the women’s 63kg class at the Judo World Championships held in June 2021 (Budapest, Hungary) got A month later, she reached the top at the Tokyo Olympics, and she washed away the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. After that, Agvenenu did not appear on the international stage for some time. because she had a child. She revealed that she was pregnant in February last year,스포츠토토and four months later, in June, she gave birth to her daughter, Athena.

Childbirth has a special meaning for Agvenenu. Agvenenou’s parents immigrated to France from Togo, Africa. His father was a scientist. Agvenenou was born in Rennes, France in October 1992 as twins (brother and sister). Premature birth two months ahead of schedule. He weighed 2 kg, which was less than the average weight of a newborn baby, and had a kidney defect. He stayed in an incubator for 4 weeks and had surgery, but a hump came to him. He fell into a coma and his medical staff were unable to help. When Agbenena, whom the medics had virtually given up on, woke up after a week, the doctor told his parents, “Your daughter is a warrior.” Agvenenu, who overcame the crisis of death and grew up to be a judo star, became a mother at the age of 30. Shortly after giving birth, she began to build her body to return to judo. It was not easy to regain her former stamina and prowess. In February of this year, she received an unfamiliar report card of 7th at the Tel Aviv Grand Slam. His world ranking dropped to 17th.

Agvenenu brought her daughter to this World Championships (Doha, Qatar). She is said to have even breastfed her daughter in the ‘warm up zone’ preparing for the competition. Agvenenu had to play from the first round on the 10th (local time). It was a disadvantage compared to the top rankers who were seeded and passed the first round with a bye and started from the second round. However, Agvenenu finished all six matches from the first round to the final with one or half technique. He was so aggressive that there were only three ‘guidance’ penalties he received for playing passive-aggressive, all through six games.

Slovenian Andreja Leschi, whom Agvenenu met in the final, was also the player who won the final at the 2021 World Championship. At around the 3rd and 30th minute of the 4th minute match, Agvenenu defended the opponent’s attempt to lift his sleeve and lay down on the mat with a counterattack, scoring half the score, and soon after, went into the press and scored another half, deciding his 6th championship in his career. . Only five players, both men and women, have won more than six individual gold medals in the past world judo championships. France’s Teddy Liner (men’s over 100kg class) has the most with 10 in total. In the women’s division, Ryoko Tamura (48kg) of Japan and Tongwen (78kg and over) of China have seven.

Ag Benenu was delighted by making multi-shaped hearts for her lover Toma Grabah and her daughter Athena, who were in the stands at the Ali bin Hamad Al Atiyah Arena. She even celebrated her 6th World Championship win with 6 fingers spread. “I’m really proud to be back as a mom and to have her sixth gold medal,” said Agvenenu, who was back on top of the world 11 months after giving birth. Now, the eyes of the ‘Queen of Judo’ are on the Olympics to be held in Paris next year.

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