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Ben Simmons picks Brooklyn’s rising factor, “director Zach Vaughn has a big role”

Brooklyn has bounced back with 9 wins and 1 loss in their last 10 games. At the center is director Jacques Vaughn.

The Brooklyn Nets traded James Harden (196cm, G) last season for Ben Simmons (206cm, F). But it took a long time to see the effect. In his first season, Simmons was sidelined by a back injury. And although he made his debut in his second season, his performance was below expectations. Kevin Durant (206cm, F) struggled, but Brooklyn recorded 2 wins and 5 losses in the first 7 games of the season.

As a result, he parted ways with former head coach Steve Nash and appointed head coach Zach Vaughn to the team. And the effect was enormous. He recorded 17 wins and 7 losses in 24 matches under coach Jacques Bonn. In particular, in the last 10 games, they recorded 9 wins and 1 loss, and the team quickly rose to 4th place in the East.

In a situation where the team’s power did not change significantly, coach Jacques Bonn’s ability shone. Simmons opened his mouth. Simmons said in an interview with the ‘New York Post’, “Director Zach Vaughn trusts us a lot and gives us a lot of roles,” adding, “But that comes with a sense of responsibility. Director Jacques Vaughn always emphasizes our responsibility together. Thanks to that, our team was able to rise quickly. His role was really great.” 메이저사이트

And Nick Claxton also said, “Director Zach Vaughn plays a big role in our success. He changed our mindset. He especially emphasized responsibility to us. The players believe in him and he believes in us. We play harder so as not to disappoint him,” he said of coach Jacques Vaughn.

Although the start was shaky, Brooklyn was back on track. TJ Warren and Simmons, who were newly added, are also improving their condition. In addition, the performance of Durant and Kyrie Irving is still there. He succeeded in winning 6 consecutive wins with the new coach Jacques Bonn.