‘Barefoot’ running in the rain → Uchi sliding, 35-year-old Ace’s daily schedule… There is no ‘cancellation’

The game was canceled due to rain, but the 35-year-old veteran ace never misses training. This is the secret to Hyeonjong Yang consistently guarding the Tigers mound.

The match between KIA Tigers and Samsung Lions, which was scheduled to be held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 18th, was postponed due to rain. According to the weather forecast, it was predicted that it would not rain enough to cancel the game, but it rained heavily from around 3pm.

The KIA team arrived at the stadium 30 minutes earlier than usual and unpacked their belongings. While indoor self-training was in progress, Hyeon-Jong Yang and trainer Jun-Seo Park came out to the ground in the rain.

Yang Hyeon-jong started against Doosan in Jamsil on the 14th. The next scheduled appearance date (unless canceled due to rain) is Saturday, the 20th, against Kiwoom in Gwangju. Two days before his start, Yang Hyun-jong is training his lower body, and he can often be seen running back and forth on the outfield warning track or going up and down the stairs in the stands.

Yang Hyeon-jong responds to the team withdrawal signal, ‘I’m done too~’
The training Yang Hyeon-jong chose on this day, running barefoot on moist grass. It’s an excellent choice. Yang Hyeon-jong laughed happily, saying, “I thought about going up and down the spectator seats, but it was slippery and I was afraid of getting hurt. Running barefoot on soft grass was much more effective than hard cement.”

Foreign pitchers Anderson and Medina, who were in the dugout, watched Yang Hyeon-jong’s barefoot running with admiration스포츠토토. In particular, Medina cheered for Yang Hyeon-jong, a ‘natural person’, by shouting “Thank you for your hard work” in poor Korean.

“Thank you for your hard work” Medina cheered Yang Hyeon-jong and Park Jun-seo’s barefoot running.
Yang Hyeon-jong’s training ended only after the decision to cancel the game was made and the team received a sign that they were withdrawing. Yang Hyeon-jong, who was entering the dugout, proposed a surprise event for trainer Park Jun-seo, who ran with him. It is a rain ceremony that slides on a tarp. It is an event mainly performed by young players of the home team for the fans who visited the stadium.

Sliding made with cool spray
On this day, the spectators were not allowed to enter, and Yang Hyeon-jong commanded the event on the ground where all Samsung players withdrew. After meticulously checking the movement line and shooting angle, Park Jun-seo’s trainer slipped on the tarp. A wonderful ‘life profile’ directed by Yang Hyeon-jong was created.

“Junseo is cool!”

The game was canceled, but a great pitcher who performed the prescribed training without fail
The attitude of not wasting a single day makes a successful life. Yang Hyeon-jong, who won his first win in the KBO league against Hanwha in Daejeon on September 29, 2007, became the youngest player to win 100 wins in the 2017 season and 150 wins in the 2022 season.

On the 9th, against SSG in Gwangju, Yang Hyeon-jong, who faced Kim Gwang-hyun for the first time in about 8 years, won a total of 161 wins with a brilliant 8 innings scoreless pitching. It is a record tied for second place with the most wins in the KBO league along with MBC Sports Plus commentator Jeong Min-cheol.

Yang Hyeon-jong’s start will be a match against Kiwoom at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the coming Sunday (21st).

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