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Asiana passenger claims begin…looking for details of damage

Asiana Airlines (020560) has launched먹튀검증 a damage relief procedure for an incident in which a plane flew with an open emergency exit door at 213 meters above the ground.

Asiana Airlines began accepting claims for damages related to the “emergency exit door opening accident” at the “Aircraft Use Damage Relief Reception Center” located on the first floor of Daegu International Airport. Not only the Daegu Airport Damage Redress Center, but also other regional airport damage redress centers and Asiana Airlines itself will collect information from passengers.

Based on the information received, Asiana plans to provide as much support as possible to passengers affected by the incident, including medical expenses.

To date, Asiana has received two reports of damage related to this incident. Asiana said the reports were received through the Asiana office landline network connected to Daegu Airport. The airline has identified them as specific victims, addressed a series of requests, and promised to assist with medical expenses.

“We have not yet provided passengers with a comprehensive explanation of the damage relief, but we intend to come up with a plan to provide relief as soon as possible,” an Asiana Airlines official said.

An aunt, 33, who opened the emergency exit door of an aircraft landing at Daegu Airport, attends a pretrial interrogation (warrant substantive examination) at the Daegu District Court on the afternoon of Aug. 28./Daegu=Yonhap

Meanwhile, her aunt, 33, who intentionally opened the emergency exit door of an airplane, was detained on the same day. The Daegu District Court held a pretrial interrogation (warrant substantive examination) that afternoon and issued the warrant within an hour of the interrogation. It was initially expected that the decision to detain her would be made later that afternoon, but both the interrogation and the court’s decision were accelerated as Ms. Lee readily confessed to all of her crimes in court. The court reportedly took into account the seriousness of Lee’s crimes and the risk of flight.

“I wanted to get off the plane quickly,” Lee told reporters when asked why he committed the crime before appearing at the warrant substantive review earlier in the day. “I’m so sorry for the children (on the plane),” he said. The plane was carrying 65 athletes, including elementary and middle school students, who were participating in the National Youth Games in Ulsan. Nine people, including eight athletes and one coach from the track and field team, were treated at a hospital for nausea, vomiting, and tremors in their hands and feet. As he left the courtroom after the trial, Lee repeatedly said “I’m sorry.”

Police plan to continue their investigation by calling the crew and passengers who restrained Lee during the landing.

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