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Asiana airliner ‘open door landing’ repair costs…”Damage estimated at 640 million won”

  1. Asiana Airlines ‘Open Door Landing’ Repair Cost?

MOLIT “Estimates Damage at 640 million won메이저놀이터

On the 26th of last month, an accident occurred on an Asiana Airlines passenger plane flying to Daegu Airport when a male passenger illegally opened an emergency door just before landing. The passenger was detained by police and handed over to prosecutors on suspicion of violating the Aviation Security Act and damaging property. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, the passenger plane was damaged in three areas during the accident, and repairs are currently underway, with the estimated damage amounting to about 640 million won.

  1. 70% of children’s hospitals “will reduce night and holiday treatment”

90% say it is ‘very difficult’ to find a doctor

More than 70% of children’s hospitals in Korea have plans to reduce their weekday night and holiday hours. According to the results of a survey conducted by the Korea Children’s Hospital Association, which received responses from more than 60 out of 120 children’s hospitals nationwide, the main reasons for ‘reducing treatment hours’ include a decrease in the number of doctors, staff departures, and difficulties in treating all emergency and severe patients. In particular, 90% of children’s hospitals said it was ‘very difficult’ to find doctors.

  1. Swiss village suffers from ‘labor of love’ tourists

Locals introduce ‘tolls’ for traffic jams

The Swiss lake town of Iseltwald, population 400, which was the main filming location for the Hallyu drama ‘Love Crash Landing,’ has reportedly been overwhelmed by an overwhelming number of Asian tourists, causing inconvenience to local residents. According to foreign media, as traffic jams became worse for the parade of tourist buses, residents eventually installed turnstiles along with a parking reservation system and started charging an entry fee of 5 Swiss francs (about 7200 won).

  1. Abbot Do Yeon-nim’s ‘Second Suspicion after Fake Marriage and Departure’

Jogye sect’s welfare department “investigating the facts”

The Korean Buddhist Jogye sect’s Do Yeon-sim, a monk from KAIST who is also known as an author and meditation leader, has been accused of having a second child with his ex-wife. The sect demanded that he prove the allegations with a genetic test, but he reportedly replied that “his ex-wife is not responding.” Earlier, Do Yeon-sim announced that he had suspended his social media activities without any explanation or counterargument.

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