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An all-round sportsman and a finance major “I’ll even try to become a national baseball team!” 

“I’m planning a career as a securities company, but I also want to become a national baseball player!”

Lee Ji-ye (23), a senior at the Department of International Finance at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, is an all-around sportsman. 카지노From soccer to triathlon and baseball, there is no sport he can’t do. He only does sports, I thought he was a physical education student, but he is a finance major. He recently passed an internship at a securities company. Even so, his aspirations for the national team could not be hidden.

Lee Ji-ye is fighting back by participating in the 2023 women’s baseball national team selection event held from the 18th. The reason why he first encountered baseball was because he wanted to play baseball after watching the animation ‘Major’. Jiye Lee entered the SK Wyverns youth team in 2010, when she was in the third grade of elementary school, and played baseball for three years. Upon entering the team, there was only one female student, Lee Ji-ye, who became the pitcher because of her weak power.

When Lee Ji-ye reached the age to go to middle school, he naturally gave up baseball. He said, “When I went to middle school, there was no team for women’s baseball players. Now that girls can play in the little baseball team until the third year of middle school, it has improved a lot.”

Lee Ji-ye is solving that resentment at university. “Her parents were against her working out,” she says. After studying and coming to university, they say that you will have autonomy. From then on, I started exercising again.” She said Jiye Lee with a smile. After entering college, he gathers friends from his soccer club and participates in the college triathlon competition, finishing fourth in the nation. He is having a busy but happy time.

His main weapon is the ‘knuckleball’. It is a breaking ball learned from a senior in the college baseball club, and is Jiye Lee’s secret weapon. Lee Ji-ye said, “I will fight back with an emphasis on both control and restraint. I am carefully throwing one pitch with the thought of not giving a walk.”

He’s already had one gobi. Lee Ji-ye applied for the 2020 national team selection and was even selected as a standing army, but was ultimately eliminated. So, his determination for his re-challenge is extraordinary. He said, “I was working as an intern, so I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the selection. So he’s doing it as evil!”

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