Air Force “Girl File” Sexual Violence Controversy… The bag was reported and crushed.

It was revealed that soldiers in the Air Force Combat Flight Group sexually harassed female military officers by using a ‘new song note’ used as a ledger for handover of officers. After being reported to the unit officers, they urged the reporter메이저사이트 to delete the document without taking any action. Recognizing the facts belatedly, the Air Force Combat Aviation Brigade booked the executives who had omitted the report and launched an investigation into those involved.

Summarizing the coverage of the <Hankyoreh> on the 22nd, an officer of Air Force Fighter Wing Unit A said in March that the names, photos, mobile phone numbers, positions, and affiliations of female officers were recorded in a new song note by soldiers from around November 2021 to around July of last year. He received a report that he had been subjected to group sexual harassment by putting his back on his back and evaluating his appearance. The new song note is a military internal document that organizes the delivery of duty guideline, duty schedule, and duties in charge by duty officers for the purpose of handover. The 6 soldiers on duty were sexually harassed by creating a Hangul file on a dedicated computer and taking turns writing as if chatting. The photos, mobile phone numbers, and information of female officers recorded in the new song notebook were stolen from the Air Force’s internal network.

In particular, they created a separate file called ‘girl file’ in the computer and updated female soldiers’ photos and personal information once a week. The phrases explaining the girl file were #lady #girl #kissable #○○ will be searched if you touch it.

The unit officer checked some of the files after receiving the report, but did not report this fact to the battalion commander in charge of unit operation. Again, to the reporter, “The act itself as a problem can become a ‘secondary victim’ to victims who may not have been harmed. It is difficult to know exactly which soldier wrote what just by looking at the file.” The reporter told the <Hankyoreh>, “I looked at the new song notes folder that was supposed to be kept, but only the time had been erased. said.

As soon as the coverage began, the Air Force Combat Aviation Corps announced that it had booked three executives who were in the reporting system on the 11th and initiated an investigation into those involved. An Air Force official said, “One discharged soldier who was reported to have written an inappropriate ‘new song note’ ​​was confirmed to be guilty of a crime and requested a private investigation agency to investigate.”

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