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Ahn Se-young, defeated the world’s No. 1… Korean badminton quarterfinals

The rising Korean badminton team advanced to the semifinals of the World Mixed Team Championships (Sudirman Cup).

South Korea defeated Taiwan 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2023 World Badminton Federation (BWF) World Mixed Team Championships held in Suzhou, China on the 19th.

The Sudirman Cup, which started in 1989, is a national competition held every two years in the order of mixed doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles. The first team to win 3 wins.

After defeating France and England in the group stage to confirm their advance to the quarterfinals, Korea won a complete victory over strong Japan on the 17th, taking first place in Group D.

In the quarterfinal match against Taiwan on the day, Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong, ranked 5th in the mixed doubles world, came out first and beat Poxuan Yang and Hulingfang, 30th in the world, 2-0 (21-17 21-19) and took the lead.

In the second match men’s singles, Lee Yoon-kyu (213th) failed to surpass Chu Tian-cheon’s (5th) smash and lost 0-2 (17-21 16-21), but Korea’s ace solved it.

Ahn Se-young (2nd place), who started in the women’s singles in the third match, is a strong player who even won the Jeonyoung Open in a major tournament this year, but Taiwan has Tai Zi-ying (3rd place), who was ranked first in the world. She is a strong opponent who defeated Ahn Se-young 2-0 (21-10 21-14) in the women’s singles final at the Asian Championships last month. The women’s singles was a de facto match for both teams.

Ahn Se-young won 2-0 (21-13 22-20), perfectly avenging the last defeat. In the beginning, she was pushed 1-5, but with her unique defense, she took the first game 21-13, then in the second game, 20-20 deuce, induced the opponent to lose the net and completed the victory with a powerful smash.

Ahn Se-Young defeated Akane Yamaguchi, world number one, 2-0 (21-10 21-14) in the match against Japan in the group stage토토사이트.

South Korea ended the game in the men’s doubles in the fourth match.

Kim Won-ho and Na Seong-seung (50th) won 2-0 against Liyang and Ye Hong-wei. After winning the first game 21-19, he withdrew the second game due to an injury to his opponent Li Yang.

Ahn Se-young, who decisively brought victory and broke the balance, said, “I played against Yamaguchi two days ago and it seems like I played the final twice. In the Sudirman Cup, she always lost, and the game ended, so she thought that she should not make another mistake,” she said.

Korea will challenge for the 5th championship again in 6 years since winning this tournament in 2017.

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