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A skyscraper building equivalent to Lotte Tower is here

The ‘Cheongna City Tower’ construction project, which has drifted due to the conflict over the sharing of construction costs, is being promoted again.

The Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority announced on the안전놀이터 15th that it had signed an agreement with the Korea Land and Housing Corporation ( LH ) at Incheon City Hall to promote the Cheongna City Tower project.

According to the agreement, LH , as the main body of the project, directly selects a construction company to build the Cheongna City Tower, and the Incheon Economic Office is in charge of managing and operating the tower. The height of the Cheongna City Tower will be maintained at 448m as originally planned.

LH plans to issue a bidding notice next month to promote the service to calculate the specific construction cost.

The city tower construction cost was initially set at 303.2 billion won, but was increased to 560 billion won last year at the request of the constructor. In line with LH

‘s promotion of tower construction , the Incheon Economic Office will carry out tower management and operation and site revitalization services next year. A specific start date has not yet been set. The Cheongna City Tower project has been promoted since 2016 in the direction of building an observatory tower and complex facility with 2 floors below the ground and 30 floors above the ground, with a height of 448m, on a 33,000㎡ site in the center of Lake Park in Cheongna International City. Although the height of this tower is lower than that of Lotte World Tower (555m), the tallest building in Korea, it is the highest in Korea as a purely observatory building without hotels, apartments, and officetels. It is about twice as tall as Namsan Seoul Tower (236.7m), currently the tallest observatory tower in Korea. LH in charge of the business

announced the termination of the business agreement on the 4th of last month after a conflict with Cheongna City Tower Co., Ltd., a special purpose corporation ( SPC ), a private operator, over the sharing of construction costs.

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