A new 20-year-old bad boy appears! “Is that a player?” After dissing Kwon Ah-sol “I will defeat the female lead and play against Nakamura”

Kwon Ah-sol loses and Park Si-won rises.

A new strong provocation has appeared. It is Road FC lightweight champion Park Si-won (20). Park Si-won made a sudden remark at the Goobne Mall ROAD FC 062 press conference held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on the 17th and became a hot topic.

On the 18th, Park Si-won will have his first defense of the lightweight title against Yeo Je-woo. On July 23, at Goobne Mall ROAD FC 061, Park Si-won beat Park Seung-mo by TKO in the first round and became the champion after 7 consecutive wins at the age of 20 years, 3 months and 20 days. This is the record for the youngest ever ROAD FC champion.

Park Si-won, who easily passed the weigh-in that day, started off with a diss to Kwon Ah-sol, who failed at the weigh-in at the press conference that followed. He said, “A-Sol Kwon was said to have weighed more than 3kg at first, but I don’t think he weighed more than 3kg.”

Afterwards, Park Si-won, who had a verbal fight with the challenger Yeo Je-woo, shouted that he would try to stick with Kwon Ah-sol’s opponent, Koji Nakamura in succession after defeating the female contestant. Park Si-won said to Nakamura, “I wonder if it would be okay to beat the female actress and play one more game with Nakamura.”

When Nakamura said, “I’ll play with you,” Siwon Park started a diss match with Nakamura. Park Si-won, who said, “I have more losses. I only have wins,” picked up the championship belt he was wearing and argued with Nakamura’s record, saying, “You want this? Have you ever been a champion?” When Nakamura said, “I want to be a memorable player rather than a record,” Park Si-won immediately said, “Then I will KO. I hope Road FC will promote it.” 메이저놀이터

In fact, it is not easy for Siwon Park to play two games. This is because the title match between Park Si-won and Yeo Je-woo is the final main event of the tournament. Regarding this, Siwon Park said, “After the game, you can give them a 20-minute break.

Regarding two matches a day, Nakamura said, “In Japan, when we play tournaments, we play two matches a day, with semifinals and finals.” When he said, Siwon Park provoked him by throwing the championship belt on the table, saying, “Are you scared? If you win, take this.” Nakamura said, “I wasn’t scared. It means to think about the other person’s point of view.”

Park Si-won took the microphone for the last time and said, “For the success of Road FC, I will definitely beat (the female actress) so that I can play against Nakamura,” and did not stop provoking until the end.