“A Miracle Happened”: The Unexpected Way I Regained 10 Years of Sight

A New Zealand author in her 80s who had suffered from poor eyesight for more than a decade, causing her to have difficulty driving, reading, and other daily activities, is making headlines after she participated in a trial to treat her back pain and unexpectedly regained her sight.

On Sept. 19 (local time), local media outlets such as the New Zealand Herald and NewsHub reported that Dr. Linley Hood, 80, a prolific author, unexpectedly regained her sight after volunteering for a trial led by the University of Otago to relieve chronic low back pain. Dr. Hood joined the project after suffering from low back pain since she injured her pelvis in 2020.

Dr. Linley Hood, of New Zealand, wearing an electrode hat that stimulates his skin during treatment [Image via Wikimedia Commons].

His treatment consisted of lying still in bed wearing a cap of electrodes that sent electrical currents to areas of the brain associated with pain, and was supposed to last three months.

But after just over a month of treatment, the results were unexpected. Dr. Hood, who had been unable to read or write properly, let alone drive, for more than a decade due to glaucoma, saw his vision improve.

What’s even more amazing is that he was part of a placebo group of project participants who received a so-called “sham treatment”. The organizers of the trial divided the 20 patients into two groups, each receiving treatment five times a week for the first month of treatment. The first group received actual electrical stimulation to the areas of the brain that control pain메이저놀이터, while the other group only received electrical stimulation to the skin, and Dr. Hood was in the latter group.

“The skin stimulation appears to have reached the area responsible for vision and had an impact,” says Dr. Divya Adhia of the University of Otago, who led the project. “Over the course of four weeks, Dr. Hood’s vision steadily improved and is now almost 100 percent.” “Dr. Hood’s recovery is so remarkable that even his ophthalmologists are calling it a miracle,” he said, adding, “We are working with ophthalmologists on this issue.”

Now that he has his sight back, Dr. Hood is busy pursuing projects he had put off for years due to his poor vision. “I can now read and write without any difficulty,” he said, “I feel like I have a new lease on life.” He is also making plans to write some of the books he has been thinking about.

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