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‘A man who is loved by every team he goes to’ Lee Han-do, “I worked really hard”

Busan I-Park captain Lee Han-do told the secret of being loved by fans.

Lee Han-do entered the K-League wearing a Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform in 2016. However, there was no room for rookie Lee Han-do to squeeze in in the fierce competition for starting positions. He moved to Gwangju FC the following year and blossomed. He shared the history of Gwangju by playing as a key defender for five seasons.토토사이트

His last season saw a big change. He left Gwangju, which he had been fond of, and joined Suwon Samsung. This time he proved his mettle. He maintained one axis of the defensive line. He was trusted the more he played, and even wore the captain’s armband.

However, the relationship with Suwon did not last long. Suwon, who desperately needed to strengthen their offense, traded with Busan, who wanted Lee Han-do. Lee Han-do went to Busan, changing uniforms with Ahn Byung-jun. He was headed to K League 2 after 3 years.

Lee Han-do, who we met at the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Opening Media Day on the 21st, said, “It would be a lie to say there was no regret,” but “The team’s vision of Busan was well worth the challenge. It was a decision with no regrets,” he recalled.

Lee Han-do also quickly established himself in Busan. Although he joined during the season, he led the defensive line without any awkwardness. He has even taken over the captaincy this season. In less than a year after joining the club, his skills and leadership were recognized.

When asked about his secret to adapting to the team quickly, he laughed, “I don’t know.” At the same time, he said, “I think it was because I was just working hard, so I think they looked at me favorably.”

Lee Han-do came to Busan and reunited with director Park Jin-seop, who was a mentor in Gwangju. He anticipated his second companion, which would be interesting, saying, “The person himself is the same, but he has changed a lot tactically, so I think it will be fun.”

Coach Park said to Lee Han-do, “I have experience in K-League 1 and there are many young players on the team, so I hope he plays a role in bringing us together.” told

Lee Han-do, who heard this, said, “There is a promotion, but the goal is to make the least number of goals.” I feel much better defensively now.”

There is an anecdote that shows Lee Han-do’s desire to win in Gwangju. Gwangju, who won a precious victory in the crisis of relegation, took a commemorative photo. All players smiled, but Lee Han-do was expressionless. When a Gwangju official asked, “Why aren’t you laughing?”, he looked at the next game, saying, “It’s not time to laugh yet.”

Lee Han-do explained, “The reason I said that was that it was a team that could do better and that was the atmosphere. I didn’t think I should be satisfied here.” He continued, “Of course, now I’m trying to inject a lot of that thought into Busan,” showing the dignity of the claim.

Recently, Lee Han-do has been through several teams unexpectedly, but he is still loved by many. He said, “Not only fans from Busan, but also fans from Gwangju and Suwon contact us through social media,” he said. When asked about the secret, he said, “I don’t know.” “I really always worked hard. I think that may have been seen,” he said sincerely.

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