A diamond bracelet that disappeared in the middle of Seoul… I found you with your back bent

At around 11:30 on the 18th, a report came in to the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul that a diamond bracelet worth 30 million won was missing.

A woman in her 50s went to the mall to meet an acquaintance and lost it.

She searched the route she walked, but she couldn’t find her bracelet, and she couldn’t find the scene of her bracelet falling off even in the CCTV footage스포츠토토.

Then, the police paid attention to the ‘person who bowed down’.

It was conceived from the idea that if the bracelet fell, someone would pick it up.

Around 5pm, police were able to spot a suspicious man on the street in front of a cafe.

The man in CCTV got into his truck parked nearby, and when the police identified this truck and went to the scene, a diamond bracelet came out of the truck’s storage box.

The man was reported to have stated to the police that “I thought it was a toy and kept the bracelet.”

Police charged the man with robbery and robbery.

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