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500 million profit ‘Subangsa’ special attack begins… Even if you get a loan, you must have 300 million in cash

Pre-orders for public pre-sale apartments on the site of the안전놀이터 Capital Defense Command in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, with a view of the Han River and a double station area, started today (19th).
It is said that it is 500 million won cheaper than the market price, but the pre-sale price is close to 900 million won, so a complaint about painting rice cake without a ‘parental chance’ comes out among homeless people who are thinking about subscribing.
This is reporter Bae Jun-woo.

This is the site of the Capital Defense Command in Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

With a view of the Han River in the future and proximity to Lines 9 and 1, it is considered one of the best places for public sales, and pre-registration for 255 households has begun.

Among homeless people, only those who meet the income and asset standards are eligible to apply for special supply today and tomorrow, and general supply on the 21st and 22nd.

▶ Standing: Bae Jun-woo / Reporter
– “Subscriptions can be made online at the Internet subscription home, and people with disabilities and the elderly who have difficulty using the Internet can also apply offline at the New Home Wirye Public Relations Center.”

The estimated pre-sale price of 59㎡ for exclusive use is 870 million won, which is 500 million won cheaper than nearby apartments, so interest is high.

However, even if you get a loan of 500 million won, which is the maximum limit of the special bogeumjari loan, you need more than 300 million won in cash.

It is not easy to collect money with a pre-tax monthly salary of 6.5 million won or less, which is the priority supply standard for three-person households, so parents complain that they can live only when they have a lot of money.

▶ Interview: prospective applicant
– “It is said that it is cheaper compared to the market price in the vicinity, but it is certainly not to the extent that ordinary office workers think it is cheap, and I have to think about various means…”

Starting with Subangsa, pre-subscription for public pre-sale is expected in major areas such as Seocho-gu, Seoul this year, and it is expected that the worries of those waiting for homeless subscriptions will deepen.

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