+3 years, 5 billion won’ in front of Park Min-woo “I have to do well to make it happen… I have a lot of responsibility

A large contract opened the way for franchise stars. But it’s not a guaranteed path. The proportion of options is as large as the size of the contract. Both the player and the team can have a big smile when the option is executed and the incentive conditions are met. 바카라사이트 NC infielder Park Min-woo (30) emphasized that a free agent (FA) contract is a new motivation.

Park Min-woo signed an 8-year, up to 14 billion won FA contract with NC in November last year. His guarantee period is 5 years, and the guarantee amount is 8 billion won. The remaining three years and W6bn are options. If he performs well for 5 years, he will receive 9 billion won, which is 8 billion won plus 1 billion won. In addition, if the conditions specified in the contract are met for 5 years, plus 3 years. And during this period, he can receive 5 billion won.

The NC club expressed its intention to be with Park Min-woo as a founding member and a lifelong player. At the same time, considering that Park Min-woo has struggled over the past two years, the size of his guarantee has not been increased. In other words, if Park Min-woo recovers his Golden Glove second baseman days, the longest ever eight years and a 14 billion won big deal will be completed.

Park Min-woo, who is currently digesting spring camp at Tucson Enex Field in Arizona, USA, recalled the moment of signing the contract on the 18th (Korean time) and said, “The eight-year period was first presented to the club by our side. I was curious about how the club would think of it, but the club also accepted it very positively from the beginning,” he said. “The contract went smoothly. After signing the contract, I felt relieved and felt relieved that the club and I were thinking the same way.”

He continued, “It is very special to be a founding member of an NC club. But I don’t know if I’ll even become a franchise star. It seems to be a bit of an overstatement. In the meantime, there have been some unpleasant things,” he said, lowering himself. “Nevertheless, this contract was made because the club thought of me. I felt a lot of gratitude while regretting the past.”

Although the non-guaranteed amount is large, he said he has no regrets about it. Park Min-woo said, “Options are rather motivating. “I feel a sense of responsibility,” he said. “First of all, the team should do well this year. he has (Park) Seok-Min hyung is preparing very well this year, and Kim Joo-Won and Oh Young-Soo will improve as much as they experienced last year. Rather than playing the role of a leader, I want to enjoy the season with young players.”

Regarding his own assignment, “It is also a blow. He steals bases and defends he is confident. As for stolen bases, he had 21 last year, which he passed 20 even though he played while controlling. He said, “If I set my mind to it, I think I can do 30 again.” I am not a hitter who hits a home run. That’s why batting average and on-base percentage should be high. Still, I think he should hit 30%,” he gazed at the target.

Park Min-woo had a batting average of 0.261 in 2021 and 0.267 in 2022, but his career batting average was 0.320. He won the second baseman Golden Glove for the second consecutive year with a batting average of 0.344 OPS 0.836 in 2019 and a batting average of 0.345 OPS 0.877 in 2020. Park Min-woo said, “Golden Gloves are not my goal right now. First of all, the goal is to bring back the results I had when I received the Golden Gloves,” he said. Still, I want to show that side of me when many people know about it.”

It is an NC with many changes for two consecutive years. Key players have transferred and the team has been filled with new players. Park Min-woo said, “I know how the outside world evaluates our team. However, as always, we came to the camp with the goal of winning the fall baseball and are preparing,” he said. As it was in the second half of last year, the young players will continue to improve and the new structure will work well. I know that going up is more scary than keeping up. I will go up again,” he raised his voice.

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