2023 season KPGA, Top 10 Top 10 finisher titled ‘Daewon Pharm Cole Daewon Top 10 Finish’

In the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) 스포츠토토Korean Tour, the player who ranks in the top 10 the most this season is given the title of ‘Daewon Pharmaceutical Cole Daewon Top 10 Finish’.

On the 23rd, KPGA signed a contract with Daewon Pharmaceutical (CEO Baek Seung-yeol) to use the name of the top 10 winners of the KPGA Korean Tour. According to the contract, the KPGA Korean Tour Top 10 ranking for two years from this year to next year is called ‘Daewon Pharm Kol Daewon Top 10 Finish’.

Kol Daewon is a representative brand of Daewon Pharmaceutical, which is a liquid cold medicine that can be squeezed out. Daewon Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company specializing in pouch-type syrups such as Ko Daewon S, Ko Daewon Forte, and Ko Daewon series.

Daewon Pharmaceutical has been steadily supporting KPGA as a member of KPGA’s membership community ‘Club Honors K’.

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