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1st prize money Lee Ye-won, many wins and 1st place in the grand prize?

‘Queen of Jeju’ Lee Ye-won (pictured) will go on a hunt for first place in the prize money rankings in Gangwon-do, followed by grand prize points and multiple wins.

Lee Ye-won will compete in the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour High1 Resort Women’s Open held at High1 Country Club (par 72) in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do for four days from the 17th.

Lee Ye-won, who won both KLPGA tour victories in Jeju by winning the Doosan Engineering & Construction Weave Championship, which ended on the 13th, surpassed Park Ji-young and rose to the top of the season prize money rankings. If she wins this competition, she can push Park Ji-young and she can rise to the top of the grand prize points. Park Ji-young is not participating in this tournament, so it is a good opportunity to recapture the lead.

Lee Ye-won, who joined the ranks of the season’s 4th multi-winner following Park Min-ji, Park Ji-young and Lim Jin-hee, if she wins this tournament, she can be the first to win 3 wins and rise to the top spot alone in the multi-win category. Lee Ye-won said, “There is no problem with her physical strength, and her shot sense has improved after winning the last tournament.” She said, “I will concentrate until the last minute to win her grand prize.”

Lee Ye-won meets her new competitor in this competition. Ji Eun-hee and Ryu So-yeon, who are active on the LPGA tour, and Korean-American Daniel Kang (USA) will participate. In particular, Ryu So-yeon has the experience of winning this competition twice in 2009 and 2015. Yoo So-yeon said, “It fits well with my play style,” and expressed her determination, “I will show a good game to domestic fans.”

Lim Jin-hee, who is showing her hot performance in her second half as much as Lee Ye-won, is also one of her winning candidates. Lim Jin-hee, who has recently been on the rise to the point of winning two competitions and coming in fourth place, can rise to the first place in the grand prize points if she wins this competition.토토사이트

Min-Ji Park, the “trend” who is trying to win the prize money title three times in a row, sets out to restore her honor. Park Min-ji, who quit domestic activities last month and participated in the Amundi Evian Championship, a major LPGA tour event, lost face by missing the cut at the Doosan Engineering & Construction Weave Championship.

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