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‘155km’ 20-year-old monster Young Gun, his shoulders are fresh… From before the opening, ‘split’ anxiety ↑

 “It’s an elbow injury. The diagnosis result is not good, so I’m going to get an additional checkup.”

A ‘Chin fan’ who has loved only the Lotte Giants for over 10 years since visiting Sajik Stadium holding his father’s hand. Young-gun, who is in his second year of debut, throws the fastest 155km fastball from his hometown.

It surprised everyone with faster-than-expected growth. Lotte Giants fans are receiving hot expectations.

But I met an injury reef. In the bottom of the 8th inning of the opening game against the Doosan Bears, he took control of the shaky bullpen. Pitching 1⅓ scoreless innings. It was a good fight like a pitcher who was predicted to join Pil Seung-jo.

Was it a hosadama? During the game, he felt something wrong with his arm and voluntarily gave up. The next day, he was also excluded from the first team entry카지노.

The results of the first examination at the Busan hospital were not good. His injured area is his elbow. Due to the poor results of the MRI scan, he decided to undergo a second examination in Seoul.

While at Kaesong High School, he already drew attention as a fastball pitcher with a height of 1m89, and wore a Lotte uniform as the first nomination without any change.

His fresh shoulders were his greatest strength. He doubled as an infielder until middle school. He was a pitcher who barely exceeded 1m70 and whose strength was a concise swing.

As he entered high school, he grew taller and decided to focus on pitching. His lack of pitching experience was cited as a weakness. He suffered from growing pains in the second grade and a sudden finger injury in the third. During his senior year of high school, he pitched only 5 games (2 losses) and 15 innings. His earned run average reached 6.00.

This is why at the time of nomination, he was evaluated as ‘a pitcher who needs time to adapt to the mound, although the pitch of the fastball that reaches up to 152 km is good.’ It is necessary to supplement mentally such as control and crisis management skills.

Unexpectedly, growth was rapid. In addition to the fastball, the completeness of various pitches was high, including sliders, curveballs, and splitters. The growth trend from the rookie camp was unusual. In July of last year, his debut season, he played his first first team game, and his pitch was recognized enough to be included in the winning group. Even if he is used as a bullpen this year, in the long term, he was a strong talent to be selected and nurtured.

However, with the opening, an unexpected elbow injury was caught in the ankle. The Lotte club said, “After the secondary diagnosis results are released, we plan to decide on a treatment method through consultation with the doctor in charge.

Catcher Ji Ji-wan, who was excluded from the entry along with Lee Min-seok, suffered a second-degree tear of the left internal oblique muscle during pre-game training. It takes 4-6 weeks to return

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